...fermare il tempo, guardarlo scorrere da dietro un obiettivo e racchiuderlo in un'immagine...
Studio fotografico Rembrandt
Why choose a professional photographer

Studio Fotografico RembrandtThe image tell with immediacy and strength.
The natural ability of images to tell can explain to the absent and may remind to the protagonists of a private ceremony.
The ability of a professional photographer can bring out the emotion, the joy, the expression of a family member, the beauty of a face.


Studio Fotografico Rembrandt The photo service include the pictures of bride and groom before and after the ceremony, the wedding ceremony and the early stages of wedding party. Images may be used for the realization of a picture book or printed on photographic paper and included in an album. The bride and groom will receive the HD files. The video service begins with the wedding ceremony and ends with the early stages of wedding party. The video service include the video editing and the delivery of three DVD.


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